foto palacio de congresos Valencia
The city of Valencia, as capital of the Region of Valencia, is a well-developed economic area dominated by services. Today the services sector accounts for 76% of total employment. Most Valencian companies are small or medium sized, but some multinationals such as Ford and HP have a strong presence in the region. The main industrial sectors include: the car industry, wood and furniture, metal products, paper and graphic arts and porcelain, as well as the marble industry, footwear and clothing. In addition, although agriculture has a lesser importance, it still extends over 3 millions square metres. Most is used for horticulture, with rice and oranges both having a long tradition in Valencia. The Valencia Trade Fair, where Valencia celebrates one of the most important fairs in the porcelain area worldwide. The different Universities, both private and public, with more than 120,000 students guarantee a dynamic future for the Region of Valencia.

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