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Conversation Hour May 2021 Página 1

News hour topics for May

3 May

Screen time at 'breaking point' but can tech help? Link

10 May

Plastic bags recycled into fabric to fight pollution Link

17 May

Here's how you can help save bees and other pollinators Link

24 May

Why Cuttlefish Are Smarter Than We Thought Link

31 May

Satellites show world's glaciers melting faster than ever Link


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Lets Talk May 2021


Let’s Talk Topics for May

6 May

Why The Empire Strikes Back is overrated Link

13 May

8 Groundbreaking Contributions by Asian Americans through History Link

20 May

World Bee Day 2020: What's all the buzz about? Link

27 May

One Of Biden's Biggest Climate Change Challenges? The Oceans Link


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Conversation Hour May 2021 Página 2

Conversation Time Topics

During this open session, we will discuss current events and a variety of topic to improve the participants’ speaking skills, listening comprehension, knowledge of vocabulary and overall communicative competence in English.

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